House Rules Galore #1 – Onward!

In this column I present short house rules I came up with for my Mythical 6th Edition campaign. Most of them are easily if not fully compatible with any other edition of T&T.

Your players successfully crushed a mob of enemies, their courage is at an all-time high – time to mess with the next bunch of bad guys! If the next combat happens within a combat turn (2 minutes), the characters may try to activate Onward! by making a L1SR on Charisma. If they succeed they double their adds in the first combat turn of the upcoming battle. Characters who fail the SR receive double the spite damage a foe inflicts on them within the first combat turn, because they loosen their cover by being too lightheaded.

Intention: To stay true to the spirit of pulp fantasy, I needed a house rule that enables my players to plow through hordes of enemies.

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