Nerzenjäger’s Armoury #1 – The Talking Shield

This column features weapons and armour of different kinds, magical or non-magical, my players got as loot in my ongoing Mythical 6th campaign. Many of them I had to “invent” ad hoc, still, there are some creations I think have a very unique feel to them and might grant you an insight on how T&T is played over here in the old world.

The Talking Shield
A typical round shield at first sight, it actually is an armour with a soul. The Talking Shield is the ghost of an ancient warlord banned into a shield by an unknown evil wizard. The shield has a mouth that is usually shut when not in combat, though its master can try talking to it and make use of its unparalleled wisdom.

Type: Shield
Armour rating:
Dependencies: ST10|DX8|CH10
Worth: 35d6 gold-pieces
Effects: Each time The Talking Shield absorbs damage, you can try to cajole it into absorbing double its armour rating by making a successful L1SR on Charisma.
Quote: “Ouch! Dammit, that sword was rusty, master!”

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