Simple alignment system

I’m aware that an alignment system in the tradition of D&D is not of everyone’s taste, especially to many T&T-players as seen in my original thread at the Trollbridge. But sometimes, when a SR on Charisma isn’t enough to measure the compatibility of two or more individuals, you gotta make something up. This is what I came up with some months ago, I use it rather rarely myself, but from time to time it proved somewhat useful.

Simple alignment system
Each character belongs to one of the following three alignments
Lawful / Neutral / Chaotic

Lawful: Characters of this alignment abide to common social laws or those of the region they currently reside in. Certainly it could also be their cult, guild or master whose rules they follow. The strict determination to one law can be a source of conflict with another form of law. Wizards are most likely to be of a lawful nature.

Neutral: Neutral characters try to stay out of trouble with any party or fraction involved. Though they might not agree upon any of their views, they hold a passive role. A neutral character really has to be pushed for his fury to be unleashed or, if they are confronted verbally, to readily reveal his goals. Many warriors tend to be neutral.

Chaotic: Revolutionary ideas come from characters who oppose or at least question their surroundings. Characters of this alignment aren’t necessarily loners but they often follow their own plan at all cost even if they are part of a fellowship. It is part of their nature to dismiss laws who stand in the way of their goals. Rogues often classify as chaotic characters.

If roleplay is not enough to justify the opinion or reaction of an opponent, there is always the possibility to make an alignment-check. This is done by making a L1SR on Charisma and adjusting the Level according to how far the opponents alignment strays away from the character’s. Consult the following chart to determine the Level of the SR:

Alignm. / Chaotic / Neutral / Lawful
Lawful / +2L / +1L / +0L
Neutral / +1L / +0L / +1L
Chaotic / +0L / +1L / +2L

If you wish to add more depth to this system, the current state of the opponent can be taken in account and adjusted by following merits:

State / Adjustment
Friendly / -1L
Neutral / +/-0L
Cautious / +1L
Hostile / +2L

If the Level falls below a L1SR, you can add another dice for each Level you are below L1 to your roll. These additional dice are added separately after determination if the SR was an automatic failure and of course don’t generate doubles.

3 Responses to “Simple alignment system”

    • Nerzenjäger Says:

      Odd thing is, I’ve barely ever played D&D or AD&D. But you’re somewhat right, that’s why we don’t write down any of the alignments on the character-sheet. The guys know theirs and if I really call for an alignment-check it’s more of a SR with a twist anyway. Remove all the D&D-ish words and what’s left over is a workable system for PC/NPC reaction.

  1. You dare to expose yourself and your players to possible brain damage! I’m not as brave as you.

    I hate it with a vengeance.

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