Nerzenjäger’s Armoury #2 – TTYFEL

This column features weapons and armour of different kinds, magical or non-magical, my players got as loot in my ongoing Mythical 6th campaign. Many of them I had to “invent” ad hoc, still, there are some creations I think have a very unique feel to them and might grant you an insight on how T&T is played over here in the old world.

The “Take that you fiend!-Execution Lance” – or in its common abbreviation “TTYFEL” – is a sword of great magic power. While it doesn’t deal that much of non-magical damage, there’s still the possibility that this demon sword unleashes a TTYF of random grade at the enemy.

Type: 1-hand sword
Weapon damage:
Dependencies: ST20|DX15
Worth: 2000 gold-pieces
Effects: Each time you deal damage with the TTYFEL roll another d6 seperately. If you roll a six, the TTYFEL deals a level 1 TTYF. Roll again. If you happen to roll another six, the TTYF gets powered up a level. Repeat this for as long as you roll sixes and add the TTYF-damage to your total damage.
Quote: “Ha! Look, his sword’s on fire, seems he can’t control it! Uh-oh…”

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