Type: Marksman

T&T has a very intriguing premise when it comes to character classes: you have a handful very basic ones you can choose of and should let your imagination do the rest. This means a warrior could be anything, just interpret the type however you want. It could be a cavalier, knight, pirate or whatever fits. For all those who crave for more specified types, this section is devoted to individual character types for the Mythical 6th edition. Enjoy!

As the name suggests, the marksman is a warrior specialized in ranged combat. As always in T&T, the label should be understood as rather abstract, thus a marksman can be an archer, a rifleman, a hunter or even a cannoneer, if you’re aiming for the more exotic niche.

The marksman is handled in the same way as the warrior, but with the following differences:

– Marksmen are masters of their craft, with their eagle eyes, they never lose more than two dice when firing at a target. Henceforth any saving roll involving sight is reduced by one level in difficulty.
– It requires skill to use a ranged weapon with such a proficiency; their prime attribute is DEX amongst two others to be chosen by the player
– Since marksmen are trained in ranged combat, they can’t use two close combat weapons nor two-handed close combat weapons.
– Marksmen can only make use of their warrior combat add bonus in ranged combat, in close combat, they can only use their natural adds
– Unlike the warrior, they gain their weapon proficiency immediately, not on level 4. Though it has to be for a ranged weapon.

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