Type: Barbarian

He’s generally handled in the same way as the 6th edition warrior, with the following differences:

– A person of great endurance, his prime attribute is CN
– Being a child of the wilderlands, he never wears armour except for loincloth and fur he already posesses in order to stay agile like an animal; it has an armour rating of 2
– Different to the warrior, he is a being of such brute power, that he can wield a two-hand weapon in one hand and a one-hand weapon or a shield in the other one (or two one-hand weapons or even two shields if he’s more into defensive tactics). To ensure his toughness grants the use of two weapons, you have to check the ST and DX dependencies of both weapons/shields and take the highest value in each dependency.
– Barbarians despise modern technology like black powder gunnes because of their complexity and low reliability. They will never use any other ranged weapon than the bow (yup, they even despise crossbows) because in their opinion it is the perfect hunting tool. When using any sort of bow they lose one less die when firing at distant targets, just like elfs. However, as elven barbarians are a rarity, this advantage is not cumulative.
– Like the warrior, the barbarian has a natural armour rating in addition to his armour already worn. Different to the warrior though, years of wilderness survival have sharpened his senses even more, thus his natural armour is his current level +2

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  1. Natural armor. Hmm. Interesting.

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