Lessons in Steel

Posted in Drivel on October 22, 2009 by Nerzenjäger

Much like fellow T&T-blogger The Trollish Delver I’m a huge metal fan. My love for obscure bands of the eighties and epic metal from nowadays is of no surprise to people who know me, especially the participants of my M6E campaign. One of my next posts will describe Komon’Tarr, the planet my campaign is running on, in greater detail, so I will not go deeply into it now. I follow a “Blood & Gloury”-approach with it, thus mixing pulp fantasy with a heavy metal-attitude. Anything can happen on Komon’Tarr. So while it resembles the Hyborian Age in parts, there are also science fantasy or post-apocalyptic elements to be found. The world’s grim and low on morals – “survival of the fittest” so to say.

“What has all of that to do with Heavy Metal?” you might ask. Now, while I’m using soundtracks carefully to accompany my game, in crucial situations (boss fights for example) I use heavy metal anthems with strong lyric content to boost my players’ motivation. Luckily, there are many bands around, old and new, who actually have their lyrical roots in pulp fantasy, greek mythology or are at least inspired by these or similar themes.

Here’s a selection of bands I’m truly devoted to and their respective masterpieces I commonly use in my campaign. If you dig them, you might want to hear more, so I added their MySpace-links for your convenience. Enjoy!

Crescent Shield – Above Mere Mortals (play on YouTube)

Virgin Steele – A Symphony Of Steele (play on YouTube)

Manowar – Hail And Kill (play on YouTube)

Medieval Steel – Medieval Steel (play on YouTube)

Manilla Road – Merchants Of Death (play on YouTube)

(The Lord Weird) Slough Feg – Warrior’s Dawn (play on YouTube)


House Rules Galore #1 – Onward!

Posted in House Rules on October 22, 2009 by Nerzenjäger

In this column I present short house rules I came up with for my Mythical 6th Edition campaign. Most of them are easily if not fully compatible with any other edition of T&T.

Your players successfully crushed a mob of enemies, their courage is at an all-time high – time to mess with the next bunch of bad guys! If the next combat happens within a combat turn (2 minutes), the characters may try to activate Onward! by making a L1SR on Charisma. If they succeed they double their adds in the first combat turn of the upcoming battle. Characters who fail the SR receive double the spite damage a foe inflicts on them within the first combat turn, because they loosen their cover by being too lightheaded.

Intention: To stay true to the spirit of pulp fantasy, I needed a house rule that enables my players to plow through hordes of enemies.


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I bid thee welcome, fellow wanderer! I’m your host, the Nerzenjäger, and this is my vault (read: weblog) of certain decay, meaning, that this opening post already could lead to your character’s untimely death. Yup, you read that right, amigo. Grab your Tunnels & Trolls character and prepare to meet your maker as you step closer to my fiendish courtyard of unspeakable monstrosities.

Since this blog is dedicated to Tunnels & Trolls (wait, you don’t even know what Tunnels & Trolls is? Stop reading further and jump directly to section 4), the best way to introduce myself to you, the reader, is by making a solo-module out of this very first entry. It will certainly be the shortest solo you’ve ever played, but you know what? Some interactivity’s always better than a lame introduction. Go ahead if you dare.


As you’ve passed the northern reaches of the blogosphere, a mighty stronghold emerges on the horizon. This is the Jäger’s Nest, his unholy monastery, home to blasphemic lore and countless creatures unknown of. A half day’s journey later you are about to approach its blood-red, demonic front-door. Are you brave enough to face what lies behind the entrance? Then gather all your courage and jump to section 3. Or are you a wussy and would like to have a look around, pretending to be a cautious and clever delver, while you’re actually only delaying the inevitable? Then read further at section 2.


You step into a trap and are catapulted to kingdom come by an ominous mechanism. Oh, the pain! Roll up a new character and return to section 1.


The door opens whilst rumbling strangely. As you try to pass it, you shriek in horror as it’s wooden texture transforms into something close to a human face. A “Barking Door” engages you into battle.
Barking Door: MR720, Damage: 73d6+360
If you manage to kill the door, you’ve proved yourself worthy to enter the stronghold. In it’s final gasp, the Barking Door spits out 20d6 worth of gold and “Nerzenjäger’s Hat”, a mighty artefact.
Nerzenjäger’s Hat: head gear, weight: 0, effects: you may repeat any failed saving roll on IQ
Move on to the next post in this blog.


Tunnels & Trolls is the brainchild of Ken St. Andre and second ever to be published roleplaying-game right after Dungeons & Dragons. Currently, as I write these words, in it’s 7.5th edition, it has garnered a small, yet strong following, who love it’s low complexity and modular design, which makes all editions almost fully compatible with each other. Words can’t describe the experience, so if you’re looking for a fast, fun and yet complete fantasy roleplaying-game, Tunnels & Trolls is your choice. Head to Outlaw Press, Fiery Dragon or Flying Buffalo, grab a copy of the rules (there’s an edition for every taste, mine being the “Mythical 6th Edition”), read through them, roll up a character and go straight back to section 1.